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April 15, 2009

The Family Bed

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So this morning Matt had to be in downtown DC by 8 am.  We normally leave around then, so I told him to have fun taking the train!  I was extra tired because we went to bed late last night – we’re still boxing stuff up for tomorrow – and so when Patrick woke me up at 4:47 am, I was not really ready to move. I got him settled back to sleep and thought, I should just stay up and get some work done…What am I saying?  I only went to bed 4 hours ago!  So I curled back up with Matt, who, by the way, totally slept through Patrick’s little episode.  

At 5:42, Patty-poo stirred again.  He’s  way into sleeping and gets so frustrated when his little hands wake him up!  He refuses to even open his eyes, just struggles to go back to sleep.  This time I again thought I should get up; after all, my alarm was going to start at 6, but instead I just brought Patrick to bed with me (he’s been doing very well in his pack ‘n’ play recently though).

As Patrick and I snuggled up, I realized that Patrick wasn’t trying to wake me up.  He remembered Daddy had to leave early today!  So I woke Matt up and said something like ‘hey you should hop in the shower now, you have to leave early.’  He didn’t quite hop out of bed just then, though.  

Lucky for him, Karol woke up just after 6 and Matt went to go check on her.  She wasn’t ready to wake up (thank God) and so he brought her to bed too!  So the whole family of 4 was cozied up in bed together.  As soon as she was out again, Matt got up the will to go get ready, but I didn’t.  I decided since I wasn’t responsible for Matt getting in on time, we were going to sleep in!  And we did.  Matt did get out on time, I think, but not before snapping this photo:

The rest of us rolled out of bed around 7:45 and got out the door around 8:30 (not too terribly late, actually).  Sure, I was a little late to work, but no one noticed/cared.  The whole office is late and usually I’m actually there 1/2 hour before we’re open for business.  I figure being a punctuality rock star 80% of the time makes up for a day here and there of taking it slow.  

But after TOMORROW we will have a whole extra hour in the morning since our commute is gone!  We Matt is moving the vast majority of our stuff tomorrow in a U-Haul and then we’ll officially be Virginians!  We have the Silver Spring apartment until the end of the month, so we have plenty of time to clean and get the little things to the new place.  I CAN’T WAIT!!!


March 23, 2009

Matt’s Summer Plans

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I almost forgot to write a post about this, can you believe it???  Most of you already know, but in case you don’t, I wanted to catch you up on Matt’s BIG NEWS!

Matt had an interview for a summer internship in NYC with Deutsche Bank, and apparently they wanted him so badly, he didn’t even make it back to DC before they called to offer him the job!  He’ll be doing asset management in the Americas (don’t ask me what that really means).

This will be an AWESOME opportunity for Matt, but of course we will have to be apart for 10 weeks this summer (oh yeah, and the 2 weeks he’ll be in Turkey…over MOTHER’S DAY, no less!).  I’m (perhaps overly) optimistic that I will get along fine as a single mom for the summer, but I’m afraid Karol will have a rough time of it.  She is very attached to her Daddy.  Just this morning she was nearly overwhelmed with anxiety when he got out of the car to go to school this morning.  I’m not looking forward to her reaction to spending a couple weeks without seeing him at all!

As for me, I think I’ll be fine.  I’ll probably just work, work, work on school and the kids until he gets back.  Plus, we’ll be living right next to my work and Lori’s by then and I know I’ll have a lot of help from family while he’s away.  And there’s always Skype and G-Chat!

Sunday Night Mass

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Today is my first day back to work – yay!  I dropped Matt off at school, dropped Karol and Patrick off at Lori’s and got into work a little bit early today to catch up on old emails and find out all the goings on since I left.  However, I thought I’d recount the much more interesting events of last night, when Matt, Karol, Patrick and I all attended the 7p.m. Mass at St. Michael’s.

We actually got there on time, and I was glad to see Fr. Daniel there (he’s pretty much our favorite), but as it turned out he wasn’t doing the homily that night; the deacon was.  So here’s a little itinerary of last night that is pretty standard for our weekly worship:

7:00- Arrive at Church; find a pew that’s completely empty so we can take up almost all of it with our babies and baby gear; set Patrick (who’s hopefully sleeping) on the pew in his car seat; kneel to pray for about 2 seconds, at which point one of us has to stop Karol from doing something; Karol makes friends with the lady sitting behind us, who she will intermittently try to talk to throughout the Mass; we stand, me holding Karol, to sing the opening hymn, Karol entertains herself with the paper program.

7:05- Karol is making too much noise with the paper program; I distract Karol and manage to hide the programs on the other side of me; I continue to use a variety of distraction methods to entertain Karol through the first two readings and responsorial, none of which I can hear or pay attention to.

7:15- Karol sees Patrick’s pacifier and takes it; replaces her own pacifier in his mouth, and his in hers; she realizes they are exactly the same, so she puts his back in his mouth; Patrick basically sleeps through most of this.

7:20- Gospel reading-time to stand; I need a break so Matt holds Karol, who is showing serious signs of tiredness; she squirms, squirms, and squirms some more; the homily-sit down again; Karol wants a drink (she signs), specifically water (a more recently acquired sign); I take Karol out the back of the Church and take her on a tour of the basement of the Church to hopefully appease her appetite for adventure and go back upstairs to the water fountain.  We spend at least 4 minutes going through this cycle- drink water, stick finger in water stream, water disappears (I stop pushing the button), I say ‘the water is for drinking, are you all done or do you want more?’; Karol signs more; repeat cycle 5 or 6 times.

7:30- I guess that the Liturgy of the Eucharist has started; at a point where everyone is standing (the Our Father, maybe?), Karol and I return to our pew and Matt takes Karol; Karol wants water again, I tell her Daddy will take her to go get more water the next time everyone stands up; Matt tries to convince Karol she wants to sleep; Karol doesn’t buy it and struggles.

7:45- Patrick is starting to stir, but stays asleep; Karol and Matt leave for more water; there is relative calm in the pew again.

7:50- Matt and Karol return just as the usher releases our pew for Communion; I carry Patrick and Matt carries Karol, both of whom behave very well for the walk down the aisle; Fr. Daniel blesses (or exorcises…?) our babies and administers Eucharist to Matt and I; we return to our seats.

7:55- Karol has reached her limit, is fighting Matt, and it looks like she’s winning; I quickly pack Patrick up in his car seat and whisper to Matt ‘I’m ready whenever you are.’ Karol turns up the volume as we sit through the announcements.

8:00- The closing hymn begins, Matt gives me the look and we struggle out of the pew with our babies and their stuff, making it to the back just before everyone else starts clogging the aisles.

As you can see, Mass is not a smooth process just yet.  We are working on a Church Kit we can bring to keep Karol occupied, but I hate to have one of those kids that crawls all over the pew with crayons and toys and food, so we’re looking for Church/God related stuff for her to do.  I may stop by the National Shrine’s book shop for some cheap Catholic kids stuff.  

Tell me, when does it get easier???

December 18, 2008

Contemplating Labor

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I don’t have anything in particular to say today, but the onset of the holiday season has slowed the pace at work quite a bit, and I’ve had too much time to sit and think.

Recently, I’ve been getting a little homesick for Karol in the middle of the day.  I could walk the 2.5 blocks around the corner to go visit her, but at pregnant speed it’d take me 15 minutes to get there, plus I don’t want to interrupt her busy day.  So I hop on Facebook to go through my countless photos of her.  As I type this I have less than 2 hours before Matt comes to pick us both up, and I can’t wait.

I’ve also been utilizing this free time to stress out and worry about everything I can possibly think of.  Since the semester is over for both Matt and I, that’s no longer an issue, but I’ve moved on to next semester’s stress already.  I called the school to check on my financial aid status, my reimbursement from last semester, and of course it’s all too early to tell.  

Not surprisingly, I’ve been fretting over the snail’s pace of this pregnancy, wishing like crazy it would just hurry up and get over with.  When I was pregnant with Karol, I was pretty proud of the fact that I didn’t really complain much, and was a highly functional worker all the way up to the due date.  This time, however, every single day seems to drag, and even though a co-worker recently told me I was ‘the most laid-back pregnant person’ she’d ever known, I feel like I’ve been the total opposite.

For the most part, Matt and I have basically ignored this pregnancy until recently.  Since taking care of Karol is a 24-7 task, and we’re both working hard in school and work, and we both kind of feel like we’ve got the skills down now anyway, until Patrick really started making life difficult for me the past few weeks we haven’t thought much about him, I’m kind of ashamed to say.  But now he pretty much dictates our lives because he has control of the Mommy!  It must be his vengeance for ignoring him.

Lucky for me, Karol is very much a daddy’s girl, so he’s been able to progressively take over basically the entire evening routine with her.  Making dinner has been an afterthought.  My appetite is next to nothing, probably because of the giant fetus crushing my stomach.  Matt’s appetite seems to be mirroring mine, so we generally just fix something for Karol.  She’s the only one who’s really been eating hearty recently!  Yesterday Lori said she scarfed down a ton for lunch and she still ate a lot at dinner, too, so we may be seeing a growth spurt soon (as if she wasn’t growing too fast as it is).

Then, it’s bath time and play time with Daddy, and eventually, usually around 8, Matt starts the bedtime routine with stories and cuddling and rocking.  Matt said Karol fell asleep pretty quickly last night, out by 8:30.  I wouldn’t know because I was snoring on the couch long before then.  Apparently Matt flipped on ESPN and joined me, because I woke up around 1 in the morning with him snuggling as best he could with the Belly.  Sometimes I think I’m more comfy on the couch than I am on the bed, but both locations are practically impossible to get out of after I’ve been sleeping a while.  The motion of going from horizontal to vertical after a few hours is really painful!

Just thinking about it now, I’m really, really grateful that Matt has so much time off between semesters right as this pregnancy is seriously wiping me out.  He’ll have a lot more energy than I will and relatively few distractions.  Although, it is time for him to really buckle down on this internship hunt.

As for me, I’m focused completely on getting this baby out!  When I found out that Patrick was measuring big, I began praying in earnest he’d come early.  As far as I’m concerned, I’d be totally fine if he came anytime now, since we’re past the 36 week mark.  But I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to schedule my maternity leave, and all that staring at calendars has made me realize that even ‘early’ is still weeks away, and maybe I should just come to terms with having to live through the 9th month.

In the meantime, I can still pack our hospital bag and put together my hospital music list.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading up on the actual labor–something I didn’t think I’d need to do much this time around–but even though I can’t really complain much about my experience birthing Karol, I’d still like to do a few things differently with Patrick.  Ironically, whenever I am reading and thinking about the actual labor too much, I start to feel icky and get contractions (Braxton-Hicks, unfortunately).  So I’m trying to lay off.

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