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May 5, 2009

Little Miss Virginia

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Well Karol is undoubtedly my daughter.  I did her hair this morning and like we usually do, I said “Oo, look at Karol’s pretty hair!” and Matt says “Ooo, so pretty!!”  Today, though, Karol’s reaction was especially narcissistic – she had a huge grin on her face that said ‘I know I’m gorgeous!’  I wish I’d captured her crunched-up nose toothy grin, but I did get a few ham shots.  In one of these she looks like she’s upset – don’t let that fool you – she was totally playing it up for the camera.  You can tell by the way she’s laughing in all the other pics!


February 10, 2009

“Smile or Gas?”

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Well Patrick is already at the ‘is that a smile or just gas?’ stage, Karol is now addicted to Sesame Street (specifically the character Elmo), and both children are pretty oblivious to each other.  Patrick is a royal poop machine!  Karol is definitely a ‘toddler’ now, jumping into the ‘terrible twos’ a little early.  I have to say though, she’s not that terrible.  She’s quite adorable most of the time, but definitely knows what she wants and knows how to manipulate (or wear down) Matt and I to get it. 

On that short note, I think nap time is coming to a close.  I promise a full update next week, as this week is my last week of classes.  My GPA is currently 3.57 and I’m hoping this class doesn’t drag me down too much.  Wish me luck!

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