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April 2, 2009

An Update


Karol is trying to make Patrick as addicted to the pacifier as she is.

Karol is trying to make Patrick as addicted to the pacifier as she is.

There really isn’t much to report right now, as everything is still very much in a state of flux. We’re waiting to move, struggling through our classes, and lovin’ our babies as much as we can.  


Karol seems to be reaching a ‘mommy-itis’ stage (missing mommy/separation anxiety, or, inflammation of the mommy…it works either way).  It breaks my heart if she gets upset when I leave but it’s a real boost to my maternal ego when she reaches her little hands up, wanting to be held.  How can you say no to that?

Patrick is just as content as ever.  He’s really strong, sometimes to his disadvantage!  When I rock him, he’s so tall that if he starts kicking his chubby little legs, he ends up basically standing on my lap.  I have to stand up in order to bounce him.  I’ve started reading Raising Boys and I’ll probably finish it in no time.  I have a pretty good grasp on what little girls are like (I have first hand experience, in fact), but I wanted some insight on what it means to be a little boy.  So far it’s a pretty fascinating read.

Matt is gearing up for his school trip to Turkey (yikes!) which is over the same time frame I’m supposed to have my ATX (double yikes!).  Next week is the last week of my current class, and Matt have FOUR exams on Monday!  Wish him luck 😉


January 19, 2009

Long Time, No Post!

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Well Christmas and New Years have come and gone, and on January 6th, 2009 – Epiphany – Patrick Brenner Plomin came into the world!  Now you understand why I haven’t posted in so long!

Granny Smith came to visit the week Patrick was born and got to see the whole thing (and I mean the WHOLE thing!).  And Grandma Plomin is coming next week as well. 

Matt started his second semester this week and Karol, Patrick and I had go it alone a little.  Pictures speak louder than words, so here are a few to show you how Karol and Patrick are getting along.

While Karol is still getting used to the new order, she loves holding and kissing on her baby brother.

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