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February 24, 2009

“Riding In Cars With Babies” or “This Ain’t No Walk In The Park”

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Ah, the peaceful calm of a car ride in non-rush hour. There’s nothing more soothing to a mother of two under two. Somehow the gentle hum of tires rolling over road is like a hypnotic magic spell putting children into a deep, deep sleep. Now I wish we’d gone to the Costco in Columbia…(it’s 35 blissful minutes away).

So filling up the gas tank and picking up Patrick’s thrush medicine (yes he’s we’ve got it again) isn’t the Mary Poppins definition of an Outing, but it meets the number one criterion–getting the heck out of the house.  Not only did I get the kids into the fresh air, but when we got home I fed Karol a relatively healthy lunch, read the kids a book, gave them their medicine (Karol steals Patrick’s pacifier when she’s desperate–I’d rather be safe than sorry), and got both of them out for a nap!  And I managed to catch some videos in the process.

How do you keep a toddler’s shirt clean during lunch???

FYI, Karol is a sign language pro.

Patrick’s sleeping it off.


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