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December 6, 2008

The road to 150k and beyond

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Thanks Dad!  It was a monumental drive home from school/work tonight.  The wonderful Toyota Camry that has dutifully served three generations of our family finally hit 150,000 miles.  And it kept going to 150,001.  This is the car that my dad bought from “a little old lady who only drove it to the grocery store and church on Sunday.”  About 50 oil changes, 6 sets of tires, 4 sets of break pads, and a brand new transmission later, it’s ready to go for another 150k.  And now that the price of gas is going down to $1 a gallon, the cost of operating this beast just gets better and better.

With the Detroit CEO’s begging for money today on Capital Hill this afternoon, my (made-in-Kentucky by non-UAW) “Japanese” car lasted about 50% longer than most US tag autos.  For the life of me, I can’t figure out why GM and Chrysler don’t just declare bankruptcy, shed some dealerships, re-negotiate UAW contracts, lobby for “Global CAFE” and beat a path toward profitability.  And Congress could do worse than to demand bankruptcy as a precondition for a bailout, but we all know how our President-elect feels about preconditions.  There just so happens to be a booming car industry.  It makes BMWs, Toyotas, and Hondas – plus it’s non-union and in the deep south.  This whole dog-and-pony show smells like a UAW bailout, not a car industry bailout.  No wonder people say GM is “a benefits company that just happens to make cars.”

Anyway, back to my will-it-run-forever? Toyota.  The event is chronicled in photos nearby.  Despite the fact that it’s “rolling over” to 150,000 miles, I’m pretty optimistic. Actually, we don’t need it to run forever, just long enough to get us through the next few months.  Today, the Camry helped me muscle my way through brutal traffic to and from school/work.  As long as it makes it the 20-mile round trip daily commute till we move closer to Jillian’s office in April, we’ll be cool.  At that point, we’ll be 100% metro, and Jillian, my “little old lady” will only drive it to church and Costco.

















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